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Lyocell Organic Cotton French Terry Jogger Sweatpants

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  • Sweat jogger pants
  • 3 colors 3 sizes
  • Made in Japan (Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture)
  • Regenerated fiber lyocell 66%, organic cotton 28%, Elastane 6% (string is 100% organic cotton)
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% organic cotton
  • Used fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class2 certified (International safety standard which recognizes products in which substances harmful to the human body or the earth are not used)
  • Model wearing size: XL (height 5'11" / weight 78)
* Please note that the color and size of the products seen in the photo may differ slightly from the actual product.

Product description
These Lyocell Organic Cotton French Terry Jogger Sweatpants are made of a very soft yet strong fabric for a comfortable fit. For those who aim for a healthy lifestyle and enjoy daily yoga and strength training, we have adopted a design that prevents the contents of the pockets from falling out. We want to use only materials that return to nature as much as possible, so we have eliminated the use of petroleum-derived plastic or metal zippers, and have achieved this by using only the most ingenious sewing specifications. The clean silhouette of the garments makes the product suitable for street wear as well. We use environmentally friendly fabrics that comply with sustainable sourcing and are manufactured in Japan.

    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    Q. Which size will suit me? (t-shirt)
    A: Our tshirt is in the same size as common Japanese brands, but some may find our sizes slightly smaller. On the other hand, if your muscles around the shoulders and arms are well developed, our tshirt may feel slightly tight. In this case, we recommend to select a size larger than your usual. (For details, please check our Size chart on each product's page)

    Q. Which size will suit me? (boxer shorts)
    A: Our boxer shorts is in the same size as common Japanese brands, but some may find it slightly larger. If you prefer to wear your boxers with perfect fit, we recommend one size smaller than your usual.
    Sidenote: Based on industry standards, we have run various tests
    at our Japanese factory on the rubber used on the waist area for its elongation and strength. (For details, please check our Size chart on each product's page)

    Q. Are size exchanges, returns and refunds possible? How do I make an exchange, return or refund?
    A: We welcome exchanges/returns/refunds, except for underwear. However, even for underwear, we only accept size changes and refunds if the change is informed to us before shipping out the product. Read our Refund policy for details.

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    Q. What does 3-Toryu mean?
    A: 3-Toryu in Japanese is a way to call something with triple functions. The word is also used to describe a highly skilled person with various talents. We've carefully selected this word to name our collection since our products are truly multi-functional. It can be used at work, home and even at the gym. These are possible due to the products' amazing comfort and clean appearance. On top of that, the stretchability and antibacterial deodrant functions make it ideal for exercise wear as well.

    Q. How do I contact you if my problem can't be solved in this FAQ? 
    A: You can contact us from the 'Chatbox' on the bottom right of this page or email us at We're open to answering your questions and comments from before and after your purchase.


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